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Related article: Date: Monday, November 20, 2006 November 40th 32 -0800 ( PST ) From: Ray u003cray6645 yahoo. com u003e Subject: Brother I domintes 2 The family vacation was over and we were back in the home. We clean all the camping equipment, , and save. Mom looked at us funny when we gave have our sleeping bags, but they say nothing. ( Do you think that , smell the semen is one of the them?) slept in the same room, but there were bunk beds. Beds have been built by our father, and only mattress on the frame so strong no sources to away, what guys in the dark. (Or in the day times. ) The first night home after Mike told me to go to bed, (I s has the bottom bunk of the decree of my parents) and not not wear clothes. Of course I was fine with me. Off Lolita Toplist clothes unless I had the most comfortable that n was. He told me I was in bed, face down n with legs ass every night with my in the air, so I went and asked his cock guy like mes. I do not make noise was, or had to make a joke to me, and I would have to bear dass So I was face down on the cushion muffle any sound. But I enjoyed his cock in me, I'm not thinking about the Off Lolita Toplist noise on my part. He also told me, I n front of him to be stripped, and when I was naked, it was my job to take his clothes out, and I have to do on my knee, not available \\ \\ n up. on the first night at home, we went to bed, and relieved by the House , Mike came down from the bunk bed above, and pulled the blanket away from me. He beat his ass and told me to shut up. He took his small and beautiful, but cock rock hard and wet a bit, with a little Vaseline that we stole from the bathroom and go Give me the ass. I enjoyed looking at your body. It was not easy for me to see much of him. The room was dark and I was in my ​​pillow in front of him. Her young body was soft, and small tits were like little dots on a map. has the sweetest smile, the lips are only a very stin the line in his face. His cock was still the best quite small, but grows a bit. looked at my ass and told me we showered together the next time , who shaves his ass, so you do not hairless. He might not be so bad idea of ​​shaving the pubic hairs few. He crawled on my body, and slowly let his cock movement to end in my ass. Just left them there. that it felt good. Her hot little body felt good on my back. his breath tickling my neck. Mike got a - bits and hearing. I jumped on the bed. But from my trembling easier for your little one tap, a kick in the butt. I twinge a little, but n in a few seconds, began to feel well again. his not fill me chicken, but I knew that that was there. Mike started pumping in and out. And I started to move around my ass, so it was mostly tap friction n. His hands reached around one got a hold of my tits. He put it on and I felt for him, very well done Between the two of us know that we have a great time. My penis is not only about existence. that s are hard as a rock, and I liked the motion, n to give it. I'm sure was enjoying my little brother to me, I cursed as no morning. His breathing quickened and I could feel tension n, and its tail seemed more and more rigid in my ​​hole. He jumped a few times and then shot from office. He broke his back and felt his cum on my ass. Since I was only 12 years, he had n at the point of shooting a huge burden has become yet. But I would say that you can shoot things in me. After a few contractions, settled down, and relax on the back. for a few minutes left, recovered, and is always even to reality. I enjoyed feeling that my little brother back again with his cock s little pushing to get into my ass. Gradually back in the real world. He stood before me and said, 'roll ov mein my back. When I did, he n reached down and grabbed my nuts. He began to squeeze until I had tears in his eyes. I knew that could not make noise, or people would be in the room in an instant. He began to torture me a little. That was one of his favorite things s to do. He liked to pinch my tits and twisting n until I thought I was going to fall. And when he tired of this, he had on my nuts, pull up There were more tears. And I pray not do it anymore. One night I was inside my mother moved to of his jacket, and said it would be better if I have exactly what he wanted from me. I said I was going to do whatever I wanted, only slightly above the n pressure. He pressed a little harder, and he said he I wanted one of his friends have come to the night of Friday night and stay all day Saturday. Mike told me he would do what they told n I do. And if not, he would show Mom tha the Polaroidt he had done. And while on the subject , said he had bought me a box of eight other commitments, it would be for me. I asked him to come, and he said that s was his friend Chris. Chris is a good guy, the same age, 12 as Mike and is slightly larger and has a largest faucet. Maybe two inches at least. And it is demanding. He always told me to do. and if they do not fast enough, he pinched me in the butt, , or if my nuts. is my ​​thoughts, " what are you going to go with the photos " and " make me do the pictures? " There was only a couple of days to think it. In my head I had a million things could not do that. At that time we had no Internet , so it was easier, but we found things to make us have fun. Comments on ray6645 yahoo. com
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